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• Locally Grown, Grass-Fed Beef
• Locally Grown, Grain–Fed Beef
• Free of Synthetic Hormones
• Free of Antibiotics
• Direct from Farm to Consumers
• Available Late Summer & Early Fall

Cattle are treated humanely and with dignity, they are not abused, mis-treated, or mis-handled

Because our business is seasonal, call early to reserve your order. 225-683-3627 or 225-324-8408

Please call if you have any questions or would like more information.


The cost of our beef is a function of the live cattle market which fluctuates. Our finished product is usually about $7 per pound for the processed meat that you receive. When you call to place your order, we will provide you with a more accurate cost estimate before you commit to your purchase. The advantage of buying in quantity is that we are able to keep the cost significantly less than you would pay for grass fed beef at major food chains.

Beef Production

We begin by selecting cattle and bulls that have a genetic pre-disposition for quality beef production. Our calves are born between October and February. They will be available for market in late summer and early fall. Our beef goes from our farm to the local meat processor and then directly to you the consumer.

Processing Facility

Browning Cattle Company works in conjunction with Cutrer’s Meats located in Kentwood, Louisiana in order to process the animals raised at Browning Cattle Company. This business relationship allows us to provide our farm fresh beef directly to you our customer. Cutrer’s Meats is a family owned and operated processing facility that has been in business for over 50 years. See Cutrer’s Meats at the Baton Rouge Farmer’s Markets.



Once you’re order is received and the animal is ready for harvest, it is tagged with a unique order number specific to you. Cutrer’s Meats will contact you to walk you through how the beef should be processed. Don’t be afraid if you’ve never done this before, the staff at Cutrer’s is extremely knowledgeable and will make the right suggestions based on your specific needs or wants.

For example: what cuts of meat do you prefer? How large is your family(quantity to put into each package).
After that, the meat is frozen and Cutrer’s will contact you to inform you that your order is ready for pickup from their processing facility in Kentwood, LA. Once at home, the meat will stay good in your freezer for up to a year or longer depending on proper preparation.